An Accomplished Writer and E-Commerce Professional

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Press Releases

I've worked extensively with public relations firms and record labels to produce press bios like these:

Paul Shapiro's Essen (for Braithwaite and Katz PR / Tzadik Records)

Liner Notes

I've written the liner notes for various music releases, including It's a Scream How Levine Does the Rhumba

(This is probably a good place to mention my DJ career as DJ Juba and His Puerto Rican Bar Mitzvah Sound System.)

Reviews for Barnes &

Over 200 reviews and interviews, written as Managing Editor of B&
Here are some examples:

Itzhak Pearlman, In the Fiddler's House
Levon Helm, Dirt Farmer
Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

Chai of the Tiger

Who's that baaad Hasidic master with the mystical Jewish martial art? Shut yo mouth!

Guilt & Pleasure #5

Food Writing

This is not a "this is what I ate" kinda thing. OK, it is.
Nostrand Donuts
Immaculee Bakery
De Bamboo Express

The Mamboniks Blog

A labor of on-again, off-again romance with Jews in Latin Music.

Here's the book proposal.